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Belief in Angels

The existence of Angels is an important Islamic teaching. They are a special creation of God created from light and perform specific duties assigned to them, such as communicating God’s messages to His prophets and strengthening everything that is good in a person. Furthermore they always obey God, singing praises to Him.

Within the Qur'an, Gabriel (Jibril) is mentioned several times bringing special messages from God, including the announcement to Mary concerning the birth of Jesus (Qur'an 3:45 and 19:17-21). Muslims also believe it was the same angel who brought revelations (wahy) to Muhammad which became the written Qur'an later.

There are other angels with specific tasks. Israfeel is responsible for blowing the Horn on the onset of the Day of Judgment. Guardian angels are responsible for protecting the believers throughout their life, at home or traveling, asleep or awake. Others record the deeds of mankind, good and bad. Two angels, Munker and Nakeer, test the dead in their graves.

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